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"In dreams begins responsibility."

- William Butler Yeats

Why Wellness & Nutrition Coaching?
Partnering with a registered dietitian and wellness coach allows you to rediscover what optimal wellness means to you. Anu takes the time to understand your core values while providing you with support to take on realistic challenges and go beyond what you would do on your own.

The wellness and nutrition coaching process stimulates your mind and strengthens your body by addressing your mental and physical health goals simultaneous. The coaching process helps you to clarify, prioritize and simplify your lifestyle habits and allows you to create space to make changes in your life. These wellness packages are a wonderful way to receive weekly on-going support as you change and grow into "a nu healthy you."

Individual Wellness Coaching
3-Month Living Well Package*:
A three-month package helps you create your wellness vision and initiate lifestyle strategies that integrate diet, exercise, and stress management. Individual goals are developed with the guidance of a registered dietitian and wellness coach. This program includes 10 sessions for 30-40 minutes each.

6-Month Living Well Package*:
A six-month package focuses on creating a wellness vision that integrates diet, exercise, and stress management while also emphasizing the maintenance phase of lifestyle changes. It helps build on your personal strengths and leveraging those individual strengthens to sustain healthy lifestyle changes. This program includes a total of 18 sessions for 30-40 minutes each.

*These individual coaching services can be conducted over the phone or in-person. Sessions are at pre-arranged times decided the month before and are pre-paid for the packages. There is flexibility to change appointments each month however regular weekly sessions are highly recommended.

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