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 About Anu
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"Our aspirations are our possibilities."

- Samuel Johnson

Anu is a Registered Dietitian & Wellness Coach who is a life-long practitioner and student of healthy living and coaching psychology, the scientific study of well-being and happiness. She takes her extensive Integrative Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) work experience along with coaching psychology background to provide her clients with individually tailored nutrition and wellness programs.

Anu’s professional experience ranges from working in the intensive care units (ICUs) at different hospitals over the last ten years to serving a client population with multiple medical diagnoses. She specializes in weight management issues associated with heart disease, diabetes, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), along with preventative nutrition. Anu has presented nutrition and wellness seminars to numerous clients, college students as well as other health professionals and corporations. Anu’s integrative philosophy of merging Western science and an Eastern holistic approach has proven to be an effective way to facilitate and sustain lifestyle changes.

Anu continues to be on the forefront of bringing this integrative approach to others via her Individual Nutrition Counseling, Wellness Packages and "Teatime with the Dietitian" ™ workshops. In addition, Anu is involved in the community and is a member of:

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