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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Research has shown that societies that have high life expectancy, i.e., people who live over the age of 100, have several key habits that lead to less disease and better quality of life. These individuals, not only eat healthy foods, they are active everyday and keep socially engaged.

We have taken these "best practices" for wellness and created an opportunity for you to gather your family, friends and colleagues together for a unique personalized event – "Teatime with the Dietitian" ™ Workshops.

Our "Teatime with the Dietitian" ™ Workshops are a popular way to learn just how easy and fun healthy eating and de-stressing can be. Come join us for a relaxing tea and themed nutrition/wellness workshop with vegetarian options available. Ask about our Corporate Teatime Events also.

To find out more about our workshops contact us at 703-880-5469 or at Anu@ANuHealthyYou.com. Visit our Teatime Calendar for additional current events.

Why Host a Teatime Workshop at Your Place?

Love Tea, Thé, Cha, Chai and good conversation? Despite the many words for Tea it remains universal. It is a beverage that connects people with one another and is available to all. In many cultures, tea has been a form of hospitality for centuries and a way to bring people together and facilitate discussion.

Our teatime workshops are an opportunity to relax and discover something new in an informal setting. Let us join you in hosting a tea party. We can help you dust off your tea set and get ready for “Afternoon Tea” or any tradition of tea you wish to serve at your house.

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to enjoy a respite from their busy lives. Experience the warmth and comfort of taking the time to learn new things, contemplate change, and set wellness goals to improve your health.

We work with you to host an event that is fun and rejuvenating. We will bring the tea and facilitate a personalized wellness workshop. You provide the snacks and we will assist in coordinating a delicious, healthy menu for your event.

Our two most popular teatime workshops are:

  • Moms/Parents Group Teatime:
    Gather your parents or moms group and learn tips on how to cook nutritiously for your family and create a nourishing home environment while taking the big picture into consideration as you deal with daily stressors in life.

  • Holistic Teatime:
    Learn about a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness. Our Mind-Body-Spirit approach focuses on relaxing breathing exercises, gentle yoga techniques, guided imagery, and healthy eating.
"Teatime with the Dietitian" ™ Workshop Topics:
  • Mindful Eating for the Busy Person
  • Stress Management for Wholesome Living
  • Vegetarianism for the Modern Day Person
  • Are You Getting Antioxidants in Your Cuisine?
  • The Many Flavors of Fiber
  • Fad Diets Left You Gaining…How to Live without Dieting
  • Five Ways to Eat Indian Food for Your Heart
  • Other Personalized Topics Available
How to Host a Teatime Workshop at Your Place?

To get started contact us at 703-880-5469 or at Anu@ANuHealthyYou.com. Select a date and a preliminary meeting with Anu, in person or by phone, to review the steps for hosting your Teatime Workshop, develop a theme and menu, and discuss the best topic to meet your wellness vision.

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