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"Every man is the builder of a temple called the body."

- Henry David Thoreau

My professional and personal life experiences have taught me the importance of finding one’s own personal style of balance and honoring one’s own needs.

As we grow each day and watch our loved ones do the same, whether they are our children, significant other, or our parents, a healthy lifestyle makes a significant difference in quality of life and the ability to move forward in other realms of your life.

It is not just diet, exercise, or stress management that makes a difference but the whole package – everything together that matters. If we can recognize the importance of prevention and management of our current health status we can truly change how we experience our lives. I invite you to explore with openness and a youthful curiosity a world of possibilities in creating your own unique health vision that will transform your life.

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Wellness Coach, Registered Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

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